The Future of Disney

Our Goal

Blackwells wants to ensure that Disney has the right minds around the boardroom table, making decisions that will benefit all shareholders for decades to come.

Letter | 03.25.2024

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PRESENTATION | 03.11.2024

blackwells reveals valueact's
management of disney's pension funds

PRESENTATION | 03.04.2024

THE future of disney

Our Nominees

Blackwells has nominated three highly qualified candidates – Jessica Schell, Craig Hatkoff and Leah Solivan – for election to the board of directors of Disney at the Company’s 2024 annual meeting of shareholders.

Jessica Schell bw

Jessica Schell

Craig Hatkoff

Craig Hatkoff

Leah Solivan bw

Leah Solivan

Important Materials

Learn more about how Blackwells aims to surface value at Disney.


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